With the car

Approach from direction Munich autobahn A 95 to the End of the autobahn by Eschenlohe. Then you must drive along the street (B23) in the direction Garmisch /Fernpass.You must drive to the center of Garmisch. Behind the traffic light by the Pizza Hut, you must after ca. 300 m turn left in the Riesserkopfstraße and after 50 m turn right in the Klarweinstraße.

With the train

Munich is from all Directions very good per ICE or IC reachable. From Munich you can hourly drive with the train to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. For more information regarding train schedules please visit: . Taxis are located in front of the train station and shoud cost you 8-9 Euro to any of the Guesthouse Qurin

With the plane

The Munich Airport is 120 km far from Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the Airport Insbruck 60 km. When you exit the baggage claim area in the airport, you will need to look for a sign with a solid green cricle with a white "S" in it. This is the sign directing you to the S-Bahn (subway). The sign will lead you to the station in the airport that is located in Terminal C. Continue to follow the signs until you reach the Deutsche Bahn (DB)train counter to obtain a ticket to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The train counter will be able to print up an itinerary which tells you which train to catch, whrere and when it leaves. You will board the subway downstairs. After 40 minutes on the train pay attention to a chanceover in Pasing. Exit the train. The connection time can sometimes very tight. If it is a tight connection, make sure to ask a counter the track number (gleis) for your train to Garmisch.